Nozori Lake

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Elevation 1513m, a small dam lake that lies within Joshinetsu Kogen National Park. Around in the treasure house of alpine plants, you can enjoy the approximately 300 species of colorful and vivid autumn leaves, including Nozorikisuge. Nozoriko the superb view of the more are also called "sky of the lake!" It is also the spot can enjoy trekking, fishing, the outdoors and camping.

Nozoriko Gunma, Nagano, is located in the border of Niigata Prefecture, has been surrounded by the mountains of 2000m class. Water depth of about 25m, around 12km, the lake is not poured into the Sea of Japan. Around bloom alpine plant, early summer of Rengetsutsuji and day lily, such as autumn leaves, you can enjoy a quiet lakeside landscape. Winter will be closed.