Harajuku crepe

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It is now a popular Creperie in Harajuku.


Establishment of this shop in April 2004. Became a business 12 years, is a crepe shop in Toyama of the long-established. Renewed exterior in white chocolate specification. Represent the image of the country of sweets crepe shop. Professional Kurepie to develop, speaking comb crepe original crepe, will be two major brands of the "crepe brulee series" "Mi crepe series".

Japan's first burnt crepe crepe brulee is, it scorched the vanilla custard of special, wrapped in dough of glutinous rice cake, further Kyarame Liese the top with a burner. To sell year 30,000 or more, it is a crepe to represent a comb crepe.

Japan's first Eating out Mikurepu of mill crepe, crepe to create overlapping and plain fabric of glutinous, two of Komuku fabric of extremely trivial cocoa flavor. Roll side by side sliced ​​strawberries, strawberry Mi crepe is the most popular.

In addition, selling crepe brulee vanilla is the ice version of the crepe brulee throughout the year. Please enjoy a delicious ice crepe in summer as it is cold. Was designed rose in Toyama Prefecture, and you'll take home and put in premium cold storage bag, because it is OK 30 days at home in the freezer, it served when you like at home. Crepe Brulee vanilla set of deals 3 bottles are also available.

12 years and is loved by many of our customers. Com crepe is the Suites to represent the Toyama.



日本的第一烧绉绉布丁,它烧焦的特殊的香草蛋羹,包裹在糯米糕的面团,进一步Kyarame Liese与燃烧器的顶部。出售年30000以上,它是代表一个梳绉一绉。



12年,是由我们的许多客户的喜爱。 绉就是代表富山套房。