Japan to enjoy the autumn

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Is temperature little by little be low, I full-fledged fall was approaching. Finally that the season of autumn leaves, one of the attractions of a lot of autumn leaves in Japan, this time has put together in the ranking format recommendations autumn leaves attractions in the Kanto region. Do not you of the holiday this autumn try by all means go to the autumn leaves?

Ginkgo tree-lined, which lasts for about 300m from the Aoyama Street, the famous fall foliage spots well have appeared for a TV drama. Both sides in the state also of ginkgo 146 this lined the street is called the "Golden Road", in the fall you have visited a lot of people under the golden color of the tunnel.

In order to emphasize the sense of perspective, Did you know that is a twist on how to plant a ginkgo? Planted from the Aoyama-dori entrance in descending order of height, it seems to have been beautifully express the views of the stone of the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, which stand in the back. Seen from Aoyama street, like a painting!

Every year in November and December will be held "Jingu Outer Gardens Ginkgo Festival". In addition to a variety of events, such as experience classroom and the playing is done, your local Suites and shops of your local gourmet around the country it has been opened. You can autumn leaves while eating a delicious thing.

When you set foot in the Meiji Jingu, the first entering the eye is a big torii and big tree. Or Meiji Shrine, surrounded by greenery and nature to how great, makes you feel from before entering. Burning like autumn leaves, but is familiar on TV, beautiful breathtaking and actually to see, it will come out a sigh.