Hairstyle of epidemic

This is also recommended

One that is popular now, with respect to the hair style, spring because it is something new there are many people who want to start the season, it seems natural Bob and Rafubobu are popular, such as released their own. Short Bob cute look to the small face also, and somewhere innocence, is a profound appeal is withdrawn, is a very popular style.

Relatively bangs is heavy, is characterized by the bristles are to play in the light. Bob system by subtle rendition that was with the personality of the person, is a funny hair style because exactly the different thing. Hair color is in vogue is a light and transparent feeling beige color and ash color.

But is the color that matches the atmosphere of the people is the best, it is a little may be try to adventure because it is spring. In addition, when the West specific mice color, I get a whiff of adult.